1. Flexibility so that the network can continue to operate even when many nodes are offline.
  2. Security in the form of cryptography and design techniques that allow the participation of validators.
  3. Simplicity and reduction of complexity
  4. Sustainability which means securing network components against quantum computing
  5. Decentralization.

Serenity uses stock proofs and is the new Ethereum virtual machine. This development could make Atrium a more scalable and better blockchain of China.

More information about Ethereum version 2:

As mentioned, Ethereum Digital Currency will soon replace the current proof-of-work algorithm with the stock proof algorithm. In this case, contrary to the proof-of-work pattern that rewards miners for block mining, people who have a lot of tokens are rewarded with commissions paid by users to approve blocks.

Due to the changes that occur in Ethereum version 2, we can see better performance of this digital currency. One of these is to increase the speed of transactions.

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