1. Stick to your strategy

The important thing to note at the outset is that if you want to apply a specific strategy, you must stick to it.it is undeniable that sometimes you need to adjust this strategy and make changes, but you should never give up. Perseverance and stability in this direction are of great importance.

2. Always keep some cash

Although keeping cash may not sound a brilliant idea when governments are starting to print money, professional traders always have some cash in their portfolios because huge investment opportunities are likely to occur suddenly, and in these cases, you can make the most of the cash you have kept.

3.Buy gold

I have always held the view that the value of gold is always on the rise and I have become more optimistic about it since I saw wealthy people like Warren Buffet go for it.People like Warren Buffett are not following the market, they are the market leaders and their movements should be monitored with painstaking attention.These prominent characters are well aware that money printing can be to the detriment of economy and devalue fiat currencies.

4.Buy Bitcoin

In 2020, Bitcoin performed very well .Some call bitcoin the Digital Gold but in my opinion, bitcoin is much more than gold. Bitcoin has the features that gold lacks. It is scarce and only 21 million bitcoins will eventually be available. This digital currency is divisible and knows no borders and can be easily transferred anywhere in the world. I strongly believe that Bitcoin is an excellent way for investment.

5.Create diversification by using tradable funds in stock markets

The famous saying “do not put all eggs in one basket” should be given a lot of attention according to the current situation in the world. One of the best ways to diversify your investment today is to use marketable funds in stock. With these funds, you don’t restrict yourself to investments available to one country and take advantage of the economies of various countries.

6.Buy Stable Coins

Stable coins are coins that have a fixed value and are backed by fiat money, gold and other things. If you are not interested in keeping your money in banks and can not tolerate bitcoin fluctuations, buy stable coins such as Tether. These stable coins are easy to transfer and do not experience much fluctuation. You can invest your stable coins and make a steady profit from them. The interest that is obtained here is much higher than the interest that banks allocate to our deposits.

7.Buy the S&P 500

There are two shelters from inflation. These two shelters are gold and stocks. History has shown that the index S&P 500 is one of the best shelters which is made up of the stocks of the most reputable US companies and is highly resilient to inflation.

8.Be patient

If you are not a daily trader, do not monitor prices every day. People like Warren Buffett have a very long-term view of investing, and obviously, if you make a long-term investment, there will be a correction in your portfolio ,which you have to take into consideration.

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